VANILLA THE PLASTIC SNOWMAN PAGE (from Logan WHitehrsut and the Junior science CLub)

hi my name is VAnilla the plasdtic snowman,.sorry i can't Typ too well because i have mittens on.i made this webpage becaause i get so many requetsts for personel information from fans And admirers. And plus logan whitehrust only puts up stuff about mhimself on his stupid page and doesn't ever talk about me even though i am the most importont member of the JUnior Science CLub.i bet you didn'tknow i write almost all the songs did you? i bet you didn't know i own all the recording equipment and keyborads and everything everything that logan recordes on did you? and does he thank me??????no sir he does not becase he is jelous, he is jelous becase I get all the girls writing to me and not him at all.

"RAH!i am LOgan Whitehurst and I am so jelous of vanilla becase he is way cooler then i ammmmmm!!!!!!"

Anyway I made my own page thats way way way way more better then and HERE IT ISSSS!!! full of information about yours truly, vanilla the PLadstic SNOIWMANNN!!!!!!!! tada! (the orchestra plays and makes even the president weep in awe)

"my GOD that is beutiful, weep weep cry"

my life histery

my musical background

reasins why I should be the frontman of the band Logan Wheithurst and the Junioer Science Club and not Logan

HEre is my essay on HOW TO WRITE A HIT SONGE for all you aspringing snogwriters.

Have any deep personal qustions for the Vanillamiester??? CONTACT ME PERSONALY!!!!!!!!!! (

Now yuo can read my very own private LVieJournal cuz you know you want to.

see how populer I am:

everything on this wonderflul page wasmade by ME, vanilla the PLADSTIC SNOWMAN!!!!!1 except the counter which is entirly accurate. that was proviided by

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