my muscal HISTory & songs and albumns I (vanilla the pladstc snowman)HAVE BEEN ON

I have been featured as a backing musician on many many albums WITHOUT CREDIT until may even have someof these very fine albumns in yur own personal colection right NOW!do you know how hard it is to be a snowman in the music business?that is why people say"you don't have a snowball's chance in hell."

it wasn't eric Clapton who played guitar on the Beatles While My Guitar Gently was me.

i was the drummer in Primus, on like every album except the BRown Album because that one kind of sucked

i was in radiohead briefly.Tomm York did a duet with me for the whole album of Okay Computer on every song (because I wrote them all)but then Colin Greenwood "acidentally" erased my vocal tracks. "oops" my snowy butt. he knew very well what those buttons did.

these are some of the bands I was in: the Beatles, the Kinks, the PLatters, the Animals, tears for fears, dipeches mode, Michael Jackson, Devo, Man or Astroman. Radiohead, Talking heads, the Doors, Elvis Presley, john lennon. White Zombie,, Phish Grateful DEad, oingo boingo, there must be giants, that band that played the "WOO HOO" song, josie and the pusycats, Spacehog, ELastica, primus, led Zepplin, nsync, the BAckstreet boys, DMX, jets to brazil, Tusnami Bomb, the aquabats, and almost every other band ever in existence. I conseqently also wrote every song for all those bands but do I get any credoit??? NOOO!!!

I blame bad legal representattion for my curent financial woes.a word of advice to those aspiring young musicians: dont' hire Leo "Bernie" Horowitx Fattelstein to be yur lawyer and legal counsel because he sucks the big one..

oh yes and i was in loganWhitehurts & the JUnior scInece Club too.i am currently putting forth every effort to make this band as big and poppular as it can possibly be which means I want to be the frontman and LOgan doesnt like that idea.. he is too shortsighted to see the benefits of having me as the frontman.

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