Hello! This is my Other Stuff Artwork Page. This is where I'll be posting random snippets and bits of artwork that I've done that have little or nothing to do with my graphic design work. I would eventually like to put up all of my college printmaking work and all of my comics and sketches, but I have so many pieces and napkins and sketchbooks and placemats covered in art that it would take a small army to scan them all. So you and I will have to content ourselves with the meager and sporadic offerings I can afford.

Updated: 3/28/03


The whole process of etching lends itself, in my mind, to the creation of dark and creepy images. It seems as if most of the images I created in my printmaking classes were darker than the sillier fare I usually produce. Now you can order selected images, hand-printed on archival paper and signed!

Seven Nightmares -- (1999) This was the first book I created using copper-plate etchings as illustrations. Presented here are the eight illustrations from the book (enlarged to better show detail) with accompanying text. The books were bound by screws in wooden covers hinged at the spine. There were only five copies made, after which I shellacked five of the copper plates and attached them to the covers. All of the text was hand-set (in 10-point type!) and printed on a VanDerCook manual printing press. Unfortunately, I cannot sell the books, but I can make prints of the swimming pool or kitchen table images.

Skull and Spine #1 -- (1999) This was the first of many images I made which contained the skull with elongated spine. Dark, no? Order a print!

Abstinence -- (2000)

Beware the Insatiable Bonebiter -- (1998) One of my first softground etchings.

Pretty Good Stuff

Extra-Aquatic Bio-Suit 3000 -- (2001) More coffee shop ramblings.

Robot Hatchlings -- (2002) Sketch done on special commission for a friend. I did this one in permanent marker on acid-free paper left over from my printmaking classes.

Electric Pimp Hat Fish Toaster -- (2001) Even more of the same. I am beginning to think my ideal world would be designed entirely of strange machinery, toast, and fish.

Broomfish and the Vachyderm Summarily Reject the Clubhouse Rules as Drafted by Headless Boy and the Octofinch -- (2001) black pen on printer paper. I spent an afternoon at the coffee shop making this for no reason whatsoever. I also colored it in the computer and made this version with just the Broomfish.

Boy With Headphones -- (1998) ballpoint pen. From my little sketchbook, this is based on an old advertisement from the 50s--I can't remember what the ad was for.

Rock-Grinding Machine -- (2000) ballpoint pen. I drew this one evening in a spiral notebook at Hyde Street Studios during the mixing of Tsunami Bomb's album. Dennis MacKay said it was very cool.

Engine Thing -- (2000) ballpoint pen. I sketched this in a coffee shop in Cambridge, England, while waiting for my friend to get out of class.

Copier Art

As a musician, I can spend quite a bit of time at Kinko's, making copies and such. Sometimes, a fun thing to do at Kinko's is to make copier art! The rules are simple--you must only use bits and pieces of images and text that you find in the trash at the store where you make the art. Then, using only the tools provided by the store (tape, scissors, glue stick, staples), you put the art together right there, and you make a single copy of it. That's copier art. Here is some of mine, made at the Petaluma Kinko's on Washington Street.

The Analogy of the Frog

3rd Annual SNOWMAN Contest

To Shudder In Fear

Random Madness (or, Stuff I Can't Explain)

Scummy's Triumph Over Adversity

Bananasaurus Rex

Slurpitty Cuppity Baggity

The Oven Which Is Angry

Punk Boy Meets the Roaring Monster: An Illustration of the Illogical Progression of Events Which Led to the Development of Hydroponics and the World's Subsequent Renouncement of Soil-Grown Vegetables in Favor of Agricultural Processes Which Do Not Rely Upon Any Non-renewable Resources Whatsoever

Captain Swivelgut, Toast Robber!

Harvey's New Banana Shoes

Harvey Cakehead Meets the Apple of Inconsistency


Eyeball Man Reads His Favorite Book

Someday I Want to... Migrate

Fish on a Stick

Ann Landers, the Growth

Miss Manners, Monster Food

Balloonhead Man, Moments Before His Horrendous Act of Self-mutilation