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If you're interested in purchasing any of the items below, click on the "Buy now" link and you'll be redirected to Loud & Clear Printing's website to order. All proceeds from your purchase will become part of Logan's Trust, which will go towards the creative advancement of students of all ages.

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How Does An Electrostatic Motor Work? (1999)

$7 + shipping & handling

Handmade reissue of the 1999 mp3.com release. Features 22 songs, including "Monkeys Are Bad People," "Hello, Fred the Beard," and "Mr. Pity." Also included are three songs originally on the "Denture/Doorknob Mini-Album."

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Earth Is Big (2000)

$7 + shipping & handling

Handmade reissue of the 2000 mp3.com release. Features 25 songs, including "Calculator Love," "OHMYGODIMONFIRE," and "Why Don't They Call It Art?" Also included are four songs originally on the "Denture/Doorknob Mini-Album."

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Out Of The Fierce Parade Print

$40 + shipping & handling

Very limited edition giclee print of the etching I produced for the 2002 Velvet Teen album, "Out Of The Fierce Parade" (Slowdance Records). Archival ink on archival watercolor paper, suitable for framing.

Paper, 18"x7"; image, 15"x5"

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The Mini-Album of Luv (March 2003)

$3 + shipping & handling

Very limited release featuring 13 tracks by the Junior Science Club, released as a B-sides companion to Goodbye, My 4-Track (July 2003, Pandacide Records). At just under half an hour in length, this is more like an album than an EP. The artwork is hand-stamped and the cd comes in a crappy paper sleeve.

Track listing: The Robot Cat, Thing From Outer Space, Flood Control, Weep Day, The Box, Every Inch Of My Body, Buckaroo Banzai (Is Not Just A Movie), Shoes For Sale, Skinny Dip, When I'm Dead, Burning, Whole Day Off, Fish Catalog Improvisation #1.

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Pirate Ship Show Poster (2003)

17.5" x 22.5", black and white silkscreen on warm gray cardstock

$7 + shipping & handling

This was a limited-run collectible show poster for a Velvet Teen show in Petaluma, CA. The other bands were Big City Rock, Santiago, and Dio McLeod. I did the illustration, layout was by Josh Staples, and the hand-printing was done by Jaysen Taylor at Subculture in Santa Rosa. Sorry for the janky photo, but my scanner is too small.

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