Last Updated: 8/26/06

The Project has been completed! Most tracks will be taken down within the next couple of weeks and will only be available on the cd!

Q: What is the Very Tiny Songs Project?

A: The Very Tiny Songs Project is just what it seems. During this project, I produced very tiny songs based on suggestions to me that I received via enail, telephony, private conversation, telegraphy, or other communication over the week from May 28th to June 06th, 2006. The songs are posted on this page in the order in which they were produced. That order is based on the order in which the suggestions were received.

Q: Why did you do this? Why, in the name of all that is pure and decent? Why?

A: Because I wanted to get back into writing songs after my long hiatus from recording, and I figured it would be fun to write very tiny songs for the people who have been kind enough to stick by me. Calm down.

Q: Are these songs any good?

A: You be the judge of that. I did these all spontaneously, quickly, crappily, and cheaply. First takes, mistakes, bad notes, and poor musicianship were all allowed. These are song ideas--sketches. Had to get my practice in.

Q: May I make a song suggestion?

A: No.

Q: How much longer will this project be going?

A: It's finished! The next phase involves turning the whole thing into a cd with artwork, lyrics and an extra song. When that is available, it will be here on my website for sale. I will also take down the majority of the songs in order to save traffic and space.