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BANDS & Music:

The Velvet Teen -- Me, Judah, and Josh

Tsunami Bomb -- The Invasion from Petaluma

Little Tin Frog -- Ex-purveyors of Fine Geek Rock

20 Minute Loop -- Hear it. Believe it. Live it.

The Exit -- East Coast punk soul brothers of the Velvet Teen

Luckie Strike -- The Hardest-working Band in Show Business

Optiganally Yours -- ...And I can cha-cha all day.

Dynamite Boy -- Right now, they are somewhere in America.

Shut Up Donny -- Crush! Kill! Destroy!

The Fullerenes -- Michigan's Finest

Deimos -- They will make you brownies when you're sad.

Owen Otto -- It's Owen!

Life In Braille -- Glam rock for the visually impaired.

Mates of State -- They are their own solo project.

They Might Be Giants -- The Big, Steamy Thing

Deathray -- Thank you for choosing Deathray.

Radiohead -- Some local band, I guess.

Superficial Hero -- Subcutaneous martyrs

Used For Comparison -- Sold by weight, not by volume

Albrot -- I wonder if he has a dime yet?

The Phoenix Theater -- The greatest all-ages venue in Northern California.

Dr. Demento -- Request one of my songs!

The Pab Sungenis Project -- Request one of my songs!

Limp Bizkit

Record Labels and others for whom I have worked:

Kung Fu Records

Random Links of Love:

The Ultimate Bad Candy Website! -- Don't eat the Bomvaso.

Secret Agent Bob -- He even knows how to do the twist.

Mega Penguin -- A feathered crusader on the lawless street.

The Show! -- Relax. It's only a show.

Nemo! -- It's Nemo! Mook!

Pez! -- A fine candy, not found on

Stinky Meat -- At about the 6th day, I started to question my motivations.

Friend Bear -- No comic strip of mortals, this.

Exploding Dog -- Who needs legs?