Enjoy your feverish voyeurism! Updated 1/4/04.

Recent Photos

Dr. Demento & the Junior Science Club. By Sue Hansen.

A buncha photos of me with everyone from the VT/DCFC/Thermals tour!

Live performance with an impromptu fish chorus! The Phoenix Theater, 12/13/02. By Ashley Ording.

Such a nice shirt! Photo by Sara Sanger.

The Velvet Teen in our first publicity glossy! By Sara Sanger.

Signing autographs in Flint, Michigan, July 2000. Whatta rock star!

Hanging with Ryan and Clint from the Fullerenes, July 2000.

Getting spanked by Ryan and Clint. Whatta rock star!

Playing the piano at a stranger's house.

Sitting in a tub, holding a telephone. Like you don't ever do that.

Another phone call in the tub.

Stop calling me when I'm in the tub!

The infamous x-ray band photo.

I am also the infamous Coffee Machine.

This is me, on my way to Hell, Michigan.

This is where most of my songs come from!

I'll take the wheel for a while.

On top of a bridge at the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park.

After an LTF show in Merced--photo by Christine.

After an LTF show in Merced--hug by Christine.

Awww! It's me and the Nemonster!

Cardboard Man, bemulleted non-liker of Limp Bizkit.

Cardboard Man and his proud creators, Mike Griffen and me.

The solemn death of Cardboard Man.

A portrait of me in the tub--by the Nemonster!

My sister Emily and me--1983/2000.

Two rock stars.

My cousin Aron and me--the hunters with their prize. Long story.

Few people are aware that I am not a natural redhead.

I am crushing your head! Crush, crush, crush!

Trafalgar Square, last year--right before the aliens landed.

Me at the end of the pier at South End, England. Heh heh--Yorkshire pud.

Old Photos

After this photo was taken, I probably fell over. (late 70s)

Me and my mullet. And my spelling trophy. (early 90s)

Here's my little brother Alex! He's not so little any more. (mid 90s)

Eric, Eliott, me, Julie, Alex, Teresa, Emily, and Aron, right before the horrible accident. (early 90s)

My stepbrother Eric and me, enacting a battle between comics and candy. (late 80s)

Hob-nobbing with Ranger Doug from the Riders In The Sky. (early 90s)

Grandma Whitehurst, without her shoes on. (late 90s)

Granddad, about to whomp Grandma with a bat. (late 90s)

I think I was eating the camera during this log ride. (late 80s)

What happens to me on a full moon. (early 90s)