Name: Logan Anthony Whitehurst (AKA The Magic Chef, Logan "Uncle" Whitehurst, "Log-On," "Buddy," "Hey Velvet Teen Guy")

Date of Birth: 11/15/77

Height: Varied throughout lifespan. Currently 5'10". Taller with shoes.

Eye Size: Approx. .75" diameter.

Leg of Preference: Right.

Drinks: Coffee, Fruit Juices, Water, Milk, Carbonated Refreshments, Hot Chocolate, Tea, Eye Candy.

Primary Instruments: Drums, Keyboards, Concertina, Vocals

Secondary Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Accordion

Threecondary Instruments: Nose Flute, Banjo, Harp, Timbale, Lobster

Preferred Flightless Bird: Kiwi

Albums Released, Solo: 5 (Outsmartin' the Popos [1997], I Would Be A Biggest Octopus [1998], How Does An Electrostatic Motor Work? [1999], Denture/Doorknob [1999], Earth Is Big [2000])

Albums Released, Other Bands: 7 (This Is It! Proof... [Little Tin Frog, 1996, drums], The Pain and Pleasure Machine [LTF, 1997, drums], Brilliant Ideas [LTF, 1998, drums, vocals], Enetophobia [LTF, 1999, drums, vocals], Special Little Devil [The Secret Band, 1999, drums, keyboards, concertina, vocals], Comasynthesis/The Great Beast February [The Velvet Teen, 2000, drums, vocals], Out of the Fierce Parade [The Velvet Teen, 2002, drums, piano, vocals])

Current City of Residence: Sebastopol, CA

Ben and Jerry's Preference: Coffee Heath Bar Crunch

DVDs in Personal Collection, Beginning with Letter "G": Ghostbusters, Goonies, Gremlins

Porn Star Name: Ernie Jeffrey

Books Written, Illustrated: Don't Kick the Rocks (1987); Seven Nightmares (2000); Jonathan Quimby, The Boy With No Brain (2001); The Little Nemosaur (illustrated 2001, written by Alison Davis); Visiting the City: A Visual Account of a Trip Which Was (Quite Possibly) Never Taken (2001); The Incredible Robot Cat Saves the Entire World! (2002)

Education: High School Graduate; Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts, Printmaking Emphasis

Sidekick: Vanilla, the Plastic Snowman

Current Musical Projects: The Velvet Teen (drums, backup vocals), Logan Whitehurst & the Jr. Science Club (dang near everything)

Preferred Mexican Sausage: Chorizo

Siblings / Stepsiblings: 3 (Alex, Eliott, Emily) / 2 (Eric, Julie)

Notable Incidents: Participant in 1991 National Spelling Bee, Washington, D.C., misspelled "odontoloxia" in second round; opened solo for Frank Black and the Catholics in 1998; learned to read, 1980; Velvet Teen music played on MTV show "Sorority Life," 2002; wisdom teeth removed, 2000; visited London for 2 weeks, 2000; joined Little Tin Frog in 1995; met Judah Nagler, 1998; Velvet Teen showcase attended by Rick Rubin and Jack Osbourne, among many others in 2002; played concertina for Les Claypool backstage at Phoenix Theater, 1998; released first solo album, 1997; recorded Velvet Teen album "Out of the Fierce Parade" with Chris Walla in Seattle, 2002; placed on guest list for Death Cab For Cutie show in LA by Chris Walla in 2002; left hand bitten by wolf/malamute mix in 2000; sister pictured, quoted in Rolling Stone Warped tour article because her band rocks, 2002.

That's me!