Jonathan Quimby: The Boy With No Brain
I don't know much about Jonathan Quimby. I pretty much just started drawing him one day in 1998 and I haven't stopped. The first thing I did with him was to create a short comic book called Jonathan Quimby: The Boy With No Brain. Click here for a sample page. Then I began drawing monthly comics for Section M music magazine here in Sonoma County.

The comics originally had no constant main character, but within the first year (1999) I decided that the comics should all star Jonathan. Jonathan is alternately extremely intelligent and extremely inept. He is alternately wise and foolish. He is alternately practical and nonsensical. He is alternately mature and childlike. I have no idea how old he is supposed to be. He is whatever I feel like having him be at any given time. It makes it hard to discern his true character, but that's okay.

Below are some comics I drew for Section M. It was a monthly magazine, and I contributed nearly every month. The only reason this page is not complete is that I kept horrible track of my drawings and many have gone missing. Being that the magazine is about local music, most of the comics have a music-related theme. Making appearances are Tom Gaffey (operator of the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma), The Inn of the Beginning (a local music venue which closed), and Ted Nugent (not local to this area).

Comics (for Section M)

1/99 -- What Kind of Band Will Your Kid Join?

3/99 -- Joke Band Names Kill!

6/99 -- A Soundman's Guide

Here begin the Jonathan Quimby comics.

11/99 -- Good Riddance to the Phoenix

12/99 -- Quimbyman Saves The Phoenix

1/00 -- The Plaid Shirts

5/00 -- The LTF Clogo

I feel this one needs a little explaining--my old band, Little Tin Frog, had a cow logo on many of its mailings and posters. The image at the end is a goofy impression of another, more conspicuous Sonoma County cow logo, Clover the Cow, from Clover Stornetta Farms. Her image is all over the place up there, on billboards, posters, trucks, buildings, and milk cartons.

8/00 -- Skippy Is Angry

10/00 -- Steve's Costume

12/00 -- Why Santa Never Appears To Grow Older

1/01 -- Archery Practice

3/01 -- The Chronomic Ontonobulator

6/01 -- Jonathan, the Cheapskate

7/01 -- Why the Inn of the Beginning Really Closed

9/01 -- "I like to eat my own boogers"

12/01 -- The Voice-Activated Verbal Intent Amplifier

1/02 -- Jonathan's Helpful Hints

5/02 -- What (the hell) Is Emo?

6/02 -- Jonathan Explains the Current Trend of Musical Homogenization

9/02 -- The Black Pit of Despair

11/02 -- Earthquake Retrofit Proposal

2/03 -- Welcome to Quimby's

...and here are a bunch that I never sent to the magazine because they didn't make any sense....

Squimby's Taste Test

Jonathan's New Car

Jonathan Plays A Trick

The Death Of Jonathan Quimby

Jonathan's Singing Mushrooms